Foster Kofi Sam

Gosh, we have to do this Again

So after 2 years of temporary shutting the site down, I have to be back but this time with a clear focused agenda.

This does not mean, initially, I did not have any agenda. So my personal website ( was set up in 2016 to talk more about myself and some of the things I was into.

Fast forward, I would not focus on building something great two years ago cos I was not focused on one agenda but now I am back with Agenda #DigitalAfrica.

Somewhere in 2017 December, I made of one the bold and riskest decision’s to use my fees to push an agenda of celebrating the Ghanaian Digital Space, at least that was the initial plan. And so I did not pay my fees after struggling to get hold of the money from a client. (I pay my university education by myself, a matter for later discussions)

In 2017, this #DigitalAfrica Agenda started as “Ghana Online Media Awards” but after consulting some few mentors the idea had to be put on hold because I did not want to be limited to Ghana. After some few months into 2018, I approached some few friends I knew would be interested in pushing to celebrate digital excellence in Africa, even with that, they were afraid because I did not have money to do something as such as this.

And so, in 2019 with no resources, I launched the vision of celebrating digital excellence in Africa with the few skeptical friends.

AND so, the need to continue the journey of talking about #digital in Africa has to be brought back hence which was the main reason for the site.

Kindly note, this is not a tech or digital news portal but my personal agenda as I journey my way out to celebrate digital excellence in Africa through the AFRICA DIGITAL AWARDS.

My Foster Kofi Sam journey in Digital has begun again and this time, we are not backing out.

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