Unicorn startup in Africa

No Unicorns in Africa?

Unicorn startup in Africa

Africa’s Digital Space keeps growing. Investment keeps coming in all the time, with the #KINGS receiving most.

From Kenya to South Africa the startup landscape is booming but my question is why is Africa not having any Unicorn in any of the Space from Fintech to Agritech?

If you are new to my blog or don’t understand the meaning of UNICORN in the Digital Space its means;

“A tech or Digital startup that reaches a $1 billion dollar market value as determined by public or private investment.

We have the “Mpesa” in East Africa and MobileMoney in West Africa by these telcos which of all were not meant to provide such services by anywhere they are doing some good with the disruption.

But yet you can’t send money from East Africa to West Africa using your MobileMoney.

Is it the policies or regulations that are not good enough to make things work for an African Unicorn.

When does Africa get a Unicorn?

Let’s get talking should you know of any African Unicorn?

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