Africa Digital Festival

Why Africa Needs a Digital Festival & I am creating it…

New Africa every Country is creating is Digital. And Yes is the Digital Revolution is very high in Africa.

And so when I envisioned to celebrates Africa’s Digital Excellence in 2017 through AFRICA DIGITAL AWARDS, I realized most individuals in other African countries have started some kind of an innovation award.

So why not create a digital Festival where we have all these events and platform under an umbrella where digital and tech is for everyone, not just for the awards seekers and winners.

From Music to Movies, Finance to Transportation, Agriculture to Markets among others, digital disruption is happening. But Is the innovators and digital changemakers getting the much-needed place to belong?

The Answer is NO. And so, Even though my team (ThirdEye Media) have started to celebrate digital excellence in Africa starting from Ghana, we have started the most needed festival that would be in almost all the 54 African Countries.

The Africa Digital Festival is to celebrate Africa’s Digital Culture, a place to discuss all the policies by the policymakers, Showcase African Innovations built for Africa either by Africans, celebrate and recognize the new Africa which is Digital.

As it stands now the Festival would have the following;

  1. Africa Digital Expo
  2. Africa Digital Summit
  3. Africa Digital Awards
  4. Africa eSport Championship
  5. Africa Digital Film Festival

Ready to celebrate Digitalnees as an African? Then get ready.

One may ask, which country is going to host it, I do not really know which country should host the first-ever Africa Digital Festival, just keep following you will surely know.

Join the Africa Digita Festival to challenge the status quo, to co-create and to celebrate digital culture

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