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Why ThirdEye Media Group was started and the expectations

If you are reading this post I am sure the headline brought you here. Or you have been following me on what I have been up to with ThirdEye Media.

Somewhere 2013 I met a great, thoughtful gentleman, George Appiah who took me in, to train on some ICT skills, I had some little knowledge on who to operate some computers and internet technologies.

During the 12 months of training, he opened a lot of opportunities in the Digital Space to me which the very first platform he supervised to start was which was meant to be a digital business platform for Ghanaian Businesses. In 2015, I couldn’t sustain the website and shut it down with over 7500 articles.

During this time I cried like a baby even though I had not fully understood the digital media space well.

Upon George’s guidance, I started a hosting company offering shared and dedicated hosting to companies that I did well but not that well.

Fast forward in 2016, I registered which has opened great deals for me.

ThirdEye Media Group was born after running for a year. lot of ideas were passed unto George and every other person I respected and looked up to just to start something new in the space.

Finally,I concluded to make ThirdEye Media Group a Digital Media that would be in the Digital Publishing, content and event management space.

ThirdEye Media was started to give a different angle and valuable content and projects to the African and Businesses in Africa.

The Following has been was ThirdEye Media has been pushing in Africa;

On the events side we have started;

  1. Africa Digital Festival – With a vision to celebrate Africa’s Digital Culture and Future, ThirdEye Media would be putting together Africa’s First Biggest and Largest Digital Festival that would showcase talents, innovations and help in connecting funding to Africa’s digital space.
  2. Africa Digital Awards – In 2019, we started the celebrate the digital players who are impacting Africa’s Digital Space and societies with platforms and innovations and from 2020, the Awards would be part of the Africa Digital Festival

ThirdEye Media Group also has very digital properties that are niche focus on various sectors; these include but not limited to;

Rwanda Republic which is based in Rwanda as a news portal educating and informing rwandans based in Kenya as a Business Portal for Kenyan Businesses. being a Sports website for Ghana and West Africa’s Sporting sector. is more an ambassador at large portal from entertainment to regular content that is made by Africans for Africans. With a Tagline of New news…

TripAfricana – is a travel platform that helps tourists from and outside Africa to experience Africa from tourist centres to food, culture, festival among others.

I know the platform are many and they all have some great potentials of making great impact and so if you are interested in any the platforms. I am happy to talk.

The expectations are high and would open up more in my subsequence posts

Let me end with the Africa Digital Festival which would happen 2020.

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